Thursday, Londonderry !

We started out today with a 2 hour walking tour of Derry. The Tower Hotel is inside the wall. This was perfect for Ellish, our guide, to show us around the walled city. The wall overlooked the areas where historical and recent sectarian battles, such as bloody Sunday, took place. We walked down the grand parade which is where the phrase the ‘cat walk’ originated. We finished our tour at the Guild Hall, which looks like a church but was created by the commercial trading companies responsible for bringing the English and Scotish ‘Protestant’ craftsmen to Derry in the 17th century. It was a great tour! Then we loaded the car and were off, in the sunshine!

Leaving Derry, we headed to Dunluce Castle. Wow! This castle is built right on the cliff, so close in fact, that part of it fell into the sea. Legend has it that it was the kitchen that disappeared just before Christmas pudding was to be served. It never was served and the lady of the castle refused to live there after that, which is why the castle fell to ruin! Archeologists now question this legend as they say the wall was intact up to the 18th century. It must’ve been the ‘white lady’ who scared them away. The locals claim she is a banshee and no good comes out of meeting one of those!

Onward to The Giants Causeway! A National Trust site dating back over 60 million years ago (give or take a few) which features volcanic rock. Words cannot describe the beauty!

Onwards to the ‘rope bridge’. I started to shake at the mere thought of walking across a suspension bridge that was strung up by fishermen! Only 8 people can be on the bridge at one time. 8 not 96 elephants (Capilano) or 51 killer whales (cliff walk)! So, I volunteered to stay behind and take Brian’s picture!

Off along the coastal highway we went enjoying this wonderful ocean front drive. We arrived in Belfast at 8:30, had dinner and went straight to bed! The fresh air, sunshine and exercise made us very tired!